Favorites: Brazillionaires

This week, I finished reading Alex Cuadros’ Brazillionaires: Wealth, Power, Decadence, and Hope in an American Country. It is an elegantly written and thoroughly researched narrative that helps readers understand why business and politics are so difficult to bifurcate in that country.   The book is digestible, compelling, and respectful of readers’ intellects. While the stories […]

Energy Latam Blog | 2015 Dec | W3-4

Weekly Highlights Mexico Pemex‘s oil price hit a low (Spanish) last week when the Mexican mix fell to $27 per barrel, and it continued flirting with record prices (Spanish) as it closed yesterday at $26.54 USD. Prices at this level hover close to the cost of production (estimated to be between $23 and $29 USD […]

Mexico Outpacing Brazil

Several recent articles (linked below) provide comprehensive and topic-specific overviews of ways in which Mexico’s economy is outpacing Brazil’s. Great for understanding the shifting business environment for energy in these two countries. Mexico is Latin America’s success story as Brazil stumbles (click here for full article) The Two Mexicos (click here for full article): With its […]