Pemex reaches pensions deal with powerful unions

Pemex, Mexico’s cash-strapped state oil company, has just reached a deal with its powerful union to modify its burdensome pension… Click for Full Story

Mexico casts wider net for oil buyers as U.S. interest wanes

Mexico isn’t breaking up with U.S. oil refiners, but it sure seems like it wants to see other people. Mexico reduced its crude exports to the U.S. in September to the lowest level in more than 25 years as it looks further away for buyers with Gulf Coast refiners flooded with shale and oil sands. […]

Anti-Corruption Strategies Still Key to Navigating Mexican Energy Sector

In recent years, Mexico has sought not only to open its energy sector to investment, but to make the country a more attractive place for investment by foreign energy companies. However, Mexico’s bureaucracy – and a perception that Mexico’s energy monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) is prone to corruption – means that companies still…

BTG Pactual sees expansion in Mexico as Brazil fortunes sag

BTG Pactual, Latin America’s largest independent investment bank, plans to expand into fixed income and the energy sector in Mexico as it seeks to grow in the region’s No. 2 economy, the unit’s new chairman said on Monday. Guillermo Ortiz, 67, who was appointed chairman of BTG’s Mexico unit last week and starts from 2016, […]

Violence Follows Path Of Mexican Oil Speculation

People living in the Juárez Valley southeast of Ciudad Juárez and El Paso, Texas allege that land speculators preparing for the start of oil and gas production have spurred a land grab that’s forced what some claim is an exodus of local residents. People interviewed for this story say that they or neighbors have been […]

Moody’s Warning Rebuffed as Pemex’s Mexico Backing Here to Stay

Moody’s Investors Service is warning Mexico may not be able to provide its struggling state-oil company with the financial support it’ll need as soon as next year. To Standard Life Investments Ltd. and Actinver Casa de Bolsa SA, there’s little chance the government turns its back on Petroleos Mexicanos. While Mexico — which ended Pemex’s monopoly […]

Las 10 noticias petroleras más importantes de hoy

Las 10 noticias petroleras más importantes de hoy

Moody’s: Relationship between sovereigns and national oil companies highlights risks and strengths

A multi-faceted relationship between national oil companies (NOCs) and sovereigns presents both risks and credit strengths, according to Moody’s Investors Service. In a statement yesterday, Moody’s said NOCs with high debt levels and diminished financial capacity present the greatest contingent liability risks for sovereigns. Meanwhile, the impact of sovereign support and influence on NOC ratings […]