Energy Latam Blog | 2015 Dec | W2

Weekly Highlights Mexico Pemex is looking at entering external markets and is scheduled to open five total franchise (English) gas stations in Houston in December 2015 to test the U.S. market. Pemex brand recognition is high among the large percentage of Hispanics residing in Houston. The new stations are part of a larger strategy (Spanish) to increase […]

Energy Latam Blog | 2015 Dec | W1

Originally Published: 01 December 2015 Note: The new version of ELB’s site will be available in the coming days! Please excuse any site outages and enjoy the below Weekly Highlights. Questions or requests? La versión nueva del sitio ELB estará disponible en los próximos días! Favor de disculpar cualquier interrupción. Espero que les gusten los Weekly Highlights para […]

Energy Latam Blog | 2015 Nov | W3

Mexico This week, the Mexican Energy Secretariat is accepting bids in its first electricity market auction since the restructuring of the Mexican electricity sector in 2013. Winners will be awarded 15-year contracts for generation projects and 20-year clean energy licenses (CELs). They will be announced at the end of March 2016 (Spanish). TransCanada now has […]

Mexico presents guidelines for first-ever power auction

Mexico’s Energy Secretariat has presented the guidelines for the country’s first electricity market auction, the latest step in a process that will include a call for bids next week and the awarding of contracts in… Click for Full Story

TransCanada to build $500 mn pipeline in Mexico

Canadian energy infrastructure company TransCanada Corporation said Wednesday that it had been awarded a contract to build, own and operate the Tuxpan-Tula Pipeline in Mexico…The pipeline will orginate in Tuxpan, a city in the Gulf coast state of Veracruz, and run through the central states of Puebla and Hidalgo, “supplying natural gas to CFE combined-cycle […]

Pemex reaches pensions deal with powerful unions

Pemex, Mexico’s cash-strapped state oil company, has just reached a deal with its powerful union to modify its burdensome pension… Click for Full Story

Energy Latam Blog | 2015 Nov | W2

Mexico The president of GE Mexico, Raúl Gallegos, expressed that investment and energy reforms in Mexico will allow GE to move forward with energy projects that were put on hold this year. GE maintains a tempered but positive outlook (Spanish) regarding its opportunities for growth in Mexico’s energy market. Mexico issued the first concession license for […]

Anti-Corruption Strategies Still Key to Navigating Mexican Energy Sector

In recent years, Mexico has sought not only to open its energy sector to investment, but to make the country a more attractive place for investment by foreign energy companies. However, Mexico’s bureaucracy – and a perception that Mexico’s energy monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) is prone to corruption – means that companies still…

How to Strengthen North America (Mexico Energy Reforms)

High-level overview of the spillover effects and possibilities related to Mexico energy reforms. Authored by president of the Mexican Business Forum. via WordPress for Phone app.

BTG Pactual sees expansion in Mexico as Brazil fortunes sag

BTG Pactual, Latin America’s largest independent investment bank, plans to expand into fixed income and the energy sector in Mexico as it seeks to grow in the region’s No. 2 economy, the unit’s new chairman said on Monday. Guillermo Ortiz, 67, who was appointed chairman of BTG’s Mexico unit last week and starts from 2016, […]