Top Mexican restaurant picks in Houston

Since I am of Mexican heritage, acquaintances often ask me which Mexican restaurants I recommend for ‘authentic’ food in Houston. Below I have included the top two: Hugo’s and Cuchara. I think they are the best because they include cuisine from all regions of Mexico, which is a very diverse country! As in many parts […]

‘Favorites’ de esta semana

Hello y hola a todos!   A few favorites from this week here, one thoughtful piece and three lighter offerings Aquí siguen mis favoritos de esta semana: sólo un artículo ‘serio’ y los otros tres un poco más divertidos.         Don’t let Mexico’s Elections Become Putin’s Next Target Una perspectiva interesante sobre […]


Queridos lectores mexicanos y puertorriqueños:   Mi solidaridad, corazón y oraciones están con ustedes ~No pierdan la esperanza~    Un fuerte abrazo, Claudia Espinosa

México: Feliz día de la independencia!!

Queridos lectores mexicanos, Antes que nada, les quiero mandar mi solidaridad. Acabamos de vivir el desastre del huracán Harvey aquí en Houston y estamos con ustedes en los momentos difíciles después de los huracanes y el sismo. Animo!! Demos gracias por la excelencia mexicana de la cual seguramente tendremos muchos ejemplos en el periodo de […]

¿Sabes lo que es el Yu-Mex?

Estimados lectores,   Hoy quiero compartir con ustedes un artículo muy interesante que detalla la historia del Yu-Mex. Se trata de una exportación de la cultura mexicana a un lugar inesperado… Haz clic aqui para escuchar un ejemplo del Yu-Mex en Youtube o aqui para ver un documental de siete minutos.   Saludos, Claudia Espinosa

Mexican Bonds Deemed ‘The Least Ugly’

While not exactly a Miss Universe crowning, keeping head above water (English) as an emerging economy where approximately one-third of the federal budget depends on falling oil prices is a cause for gratitude. While some observers express doubts (English) about the situation, Pemex continues adjusting its budgets for 2016 and polishing the three awards (English) […]

Energy Latam Blog | 2016 Jan | W2 – 4

Weekly Highlights Mexico While Brazil’s corruption perception ranking took a hit in Transparency International’s index, Mexico’s remained steady (see map). 2015 was a year to celebrate predictability, but corruption remains an issue with which Mexico must contend as it continues to implement energy reforms. Nonetheless, in contrast with the region’s largest economy, the Mexican government […]

Energy Latam Blog | 2016 Jan | W1

Weekly Highlights (plus a bonus) Feliz Año Nuevo | Happy New Year | Feliz Ano 2016!! Venezuela Earlier this week, newly elected opposition lawmakers were sworn in (English) to the Venezuelan Congress. The opposition won a super majority in Congress that is being challenged by the ruling Socialist party (PSUV). The country’s state-owned oil company, […]

Energy Latam Blog | 2015 Dec | W3-4

Weekly Highlights Mexico Pemex‘s oil price hit a low (Spanish) last week when the Mexican mix fell to $27 per barrel, and it continued flirting with record prices (Spanish) as it closed yesterday at $26.54 USD. Prices at this level hover close to the cost of production (estimated to be between $23 and $29 USD […]

Energy Latam Blog | 2015 Dec | W2

Weekly Highlights Mexico Pemex is looking at entering external markets and is scheduled to open five total franchise (English) gas stations in Houston in December 2015 to test the U.S. market. Pemex brand recognition is high among the large percentage of Hispanics residing in Houston. The new stations are part of a larger strategy (Spanish) to increase […]