‘Favorites’ de esta semana

Hello y hola a todos!   A few favorites from this week here, one thoughtful piece and three lighter offerings Aquí siguen mis favoritos de esta semana: sólo un artículo ‘serio’ y los otros tres un poco más divertidos.         Don’t let Mexico’s Elections Become Putin’s Next Target Una perspectiva interesante sobre […]

Weekly Favorites: Venezuela

Gabriela Montero, a pianist and composer renowned for her improvisations, has been vocal about her opposition to the Maduro administration in Venezuela. She has expressed her views in a variety of ways, especially artistically. The following video includes one of her musical musings on the situation in her homeland. I also enjoyed reading a recent […]

Energy Latam Blog | 2016 Jan | W1

Weekly Highlights (plus a bonus) Feliz Año Nuevo | Happy New Year | Feliz Ano 2016!! Venezuela Earlier this week, newly elected opposition lawmakers were sworn in (English) to the Venezuelan Congress. The opposition won a super majority in Congress that is being challenged by the ruling Socialist party (PSUV). The country’s state-owned oil company, […]

Energy Latam Blog | 2015 Dec | W3-4

Weekly Highlights Mexico Pemex‘s oil price hit a low (Spanish) last week when the Mexican mix fell to $27 per barrel, and it continued flirting with record prices (Spanish) as it closed yesterday at $26.54 USD. Prices at this level hover close to the cost of production (estimated to be between $23 and $29 USD […]

Las 10 noticias petroleras más importantes de hoy

Las 10 noticias petroleras más importantes de hoy http://runrun.es/la-economia/oil_energy/231324/las-10-noticias-petroleras-mas-importantes-de-hoy-22o.html

You’ve Got a Friend in China, Venezuela

The Gist: Oil-dependent Venezuela receives $5 bn loan from the Chinese to help increase oil production, so it can earn enough to offset recent losses caused by tanking crude prices. Click Here for the Full Story