Performance Review: Andrés Orozco-Estrada and the Houston Symphony

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Andrés Orozco-Estrada, the Colombian conducting sensation who has imbued the Houston Symphony with new flair, started off 2017 with joyful, high-caliber performances. The distinctive interpretation of Gershwin’s An American in Paris was so vibrant and energetic, it earned an immediate standing ovation as did the performance of Bernstein’s Symphonic Dances from West Side Story. The […]

Favorites: Brazillionaires

This week, I finished reading Alex Cuadros’ Brazillionaires: Wealth, Power, Decadence, and Hope in an American Country. It is an elegantly written and thoroughly researched narrative that helps readers understand why business and politics are so difficult to bifurcate in that country.   The book is digestible, compelling, and respectful of readers’ intellects. While the stories […]

Weekly Favorites: Venezuela

Gabriela Montero, a pianist and composer renowned for her improvisations, has been vocal about her opposition to the Maduro administration in Venezuela. She has expressed her views in a variety of ways, especially artistically. The following video includes one of her musical musings on the situation in her homeland. I also enjoyed reading a recent […]

On the Olympics Opening Ceremonies

The latest Olympiad has officially begun! The opening ceremonies felt authentically Brazilian, and as Sarah Larson outlined in her review (English) of the telecast U.S. viewers saw, it included the entire unvarnished spectrum of Brazilian history and culture. To me, it felt like watching a big family reunion where no one felt compelled to airbrush […]

Coming Soon: ELB Enhanced News Aggregator

Dear Readers, In the coming weeks, ELB will be featuring an enhanced, searchable news aggregator with new options! Until then, please stay informed using ELB’s current hourly news aggregator in your favorite language! Estimados lectores: Próximamente, ELB desarollará un agregador de noticias mejorado y con opciones nuevas! Mientras tanto, manténganse informados por medio del actual agregador […]

Mexican Bonds Deemed ‘The Least Ugly’

While not exactly a Miss Universe crowning, keeping head above water (English) as an emerging economy where approximately one-third of the federal budget depends on falling oil prices is a cause for gratitude. While some observers express doubts (English) about the situation, Pemex continues adjusting its budgets for 2016 and polishing the three awards (English) […]

Energy Latam Blog | 2016 Jan | W2 – 4

Weekly Highlights Mexico While Brazil’s corruption perception ranking took a hit in Transparency International’s index, Mexico’s remained steady (see map). 2015 was a year to celebrate predictability, but corruption remains an issue with which Mexico must contend as it continues to implement energy reforms. Nonetheless, in contrast with the region’s largest economy, the Mexican government […]

Wed, 27 Jan: Joint Weekly Highlights

Dear Readers, I will publish joint Weekly Highlights for weeks 2 to 4 on Wednesday, the 27th of January. Until then, please stay current using ELB’s hourly news aggregator in your favorite language!   Estimados lectores: Publicaré Weekly Highlights para las 2a a 4a semanas el miércoles, 27 de enero.  Mientras tanto, manténganse informados por medio del agregador […]

Otimo Site: Notícias em Português: Mercados Naval e de Óleo e Gás

Caros leitores: Estou publicando uma recomendaçao para leitores no Brasil. O site Of Seas está focado nos mercados Naval e de Óleo e Gás brasileiros. Estou incluindo a descrição do site e espero que vocês gostem e visitem se estivessem interessados! Of Seas Ele foi criado com o intuito de consolidar  em um mesmo local as […]

Energy Latam Blog | 2016 Jan | W1

Weekly Highlights (plus a bonus) Feliz Año Nuevo | Happy New Year | Feliz Ano 2016!! Venezuela Earlier this week, newly elected opposition lawmakers were sworn in (English) to the Venezuelan Congress. The opposition won a super majority in Congress that is being challenged by the ruling Socialist party (PSUV). The country’s state-owned oil company, […]