Top Mexican restaurant picks in Houston

Since I am of Mexican heritage, acquaintances often ask me which Mexican restaurants I recommend for ‘authentic’ food in Houston.

Below I have included the top two: Hugo’s and Cuchara.

I think they are the best because they include cuisine from all regions of Mexico, which is a very diverse country!

As in many parts of Houston, the parking at both could be better, so I recommend valet parking.

Lastly, I recommend studying the menus before going, otherwise you may end up ordering everything.


more traditional though still very diverse menu, amazing service, lovely patio, accepts reservations

Their presentation is excellent even for a simple salad and rice. Plus, the tiny rice pyramid reminds me of the real ones in Mexico 🙂



many traditional dishes mixed with eclectic, Mexican-inspired, modern ones, artsy decor evokes Mexico City, service usually very good, does NOT accept reservations, cuisine is very ‘Mexico City’ meaning you have to select carefully and ask questions if you are sensitive to spicy food

During the week they have a nice, economical lunch special, example below. I believe we had the picaditas poblanas. They were delicious and the agua fresca is legit!


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