Brazil’s electoral tribunal could topple the president

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“TO BUG” the Workers’ Party (PT). That is how Aécio Neves, who narrowly lost the presidential election in 2014 to the left-wing PT incumbent, Dilma Rousseff, has justified an electoral suit his Party of Brazilian Social Democracy (PSDB) brought against her winning ticket. The suit alleged such “abuses of economic power” as mailing pamphlets through the state-owned postal service without the right stamps. As Brazil’s supreme electoral tribunal (TSE) at last begins hearing the case on June 6th, what looked like an irritant has become a real menace for Michel Temer, Ms Rousseff’s erstwhile vice-president who took power following her impeachment last year.

For months Mr Temer looked likely to sail through the TSE. “I have no worries,” he told The Economist when asked about the case in March. True, reports of less trivial wrongdoing have emerged since the PSDB first filed suit: that politicians, from the PT, Mr Temer’s centrist Party of the…Continue reading